THE Intent Engine

Your Secret Weapon To Get New Customers And Double Your Business.

The biggest factor to success as Entrepreneurs is getting more customers to buy from your business.

More customers are the life blood of the business. More customer grows revenue, which lets you invest in more growth, a strong team, and take more money home as the owner.
If you are struggling simply means you are not getting enough customers.

Luckily for you..attracting more customers is our speciality with Intent Engine.

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The Secret To Getting More Customers

There are hundres or thousands of customers looking for a company just like yours every month. The secret is showing up to the right customers, with the right message, at the right time based on their Intent.

Not All Customers Are Created Equal.
Have You Tried Home Advisor? Yelp? Angie’s List?

Then you know that most of the time buying leads ends up with low quality customers who are asking around for the lowest price.

The result —> Sending you spinning faster on the hamster wheel of working harder without seeing the growth you are looking for.

More hustle, more work, more problems..
Rinse & Repat. Every. Single. Day.

How To Get More Quality Customers

By focusing on customer Intent, you can attract the best customers.
With Intent Engine, you can attract only the best type of customers, showing up at the right time, with the right message which quickly leads to a sale.

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Step 1: Develop Your Intent Engine Strategy

By figuring out how your business is special, and then communicating that to our Best Customers.

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More importantly, how you are special needs to directly solve a problem that your best customers are struggling with.

What are your best customers problems? What’s their Intent when they are looking for a solution?

We must perfectly answer how to answer the customer’s Intent with your business and offering

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Step 2: Installing Intent Engine

Now that you have a great strategy, it is time to make sure your customers know about your business, and choose you from all the other competitors.

We Do This Through AA - Aligntment & Attention.

We need to make sure EVERYTHING about your business communicates directly to your customer, sending the right message.

Your Website. Your Social Media. Your Branding.

Then you want to make sure you show up where your best customers are, and grab their attention.

How are they going to know you can solve their problem if they never know you even exist?

After we grab their attention, we need to make sure we your messaging is aligned and relevant to the customer Intent.

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Attention Is Not Enough..

If we nailed Intent, and showed up with a solution to the right client’s problem with the right message at the right time..we still got only one swing at bat.

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One swing at converting the customer leads to some success, but still on a very small scale.

Why? In today’s world, there are just so many distractions..

Right now, I’m battling for your attention between the notifications on your phone, computer, the urge to check Facebook, and your friends or family around you who can call you at any moment..

So even if everything is right.. a distraction will likely happen, and we will never see the client again. This is where most businesses fail.

What do we do?

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Step 3: Omnipresence

Through advanced digital strategies and tools, we are able to take our customer’s Intent and communicate to interested customers again and again building a relationship.

You want to show up to customers who show high Intent to begin with.
Then you want your message to reach high Intent customers across all relevant platforms, again and again until the customer feels intimate with you.

The results is endless swings at Bat.

And with endless swings, we are bound to get many more hits.
Singles, doubles and even home-runs.

We want to feed the customer's Intent so they can learn more about us..
We want to feed their Intent by talking about their problem and how we can solve it..
We want the customer to see who we are authentically, and create an intimate connection with them.

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Enter Intent Engine

Intent Engine is our winning process to attract quality customers to Your doorstep, day after day, week after week, month after month.

Through working with hundreds of entrepreneurs, we’ve developed a methodology that will transform your business and attract your best customers based on their Intent.`

Intent Engine works in three stages:


Strategy: Creating Your Intent Engine

Getting down and dirty with strategy, to get to know your clients, your business, your industry and create a winning Intent based business and digital strategy.

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Installing Your Intent Engine

Executing your Intent Engine, and connecting all the systems and moving parts so we can kickstart the engine and hear it roar.

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OmniPresence & Fine Tuning The Engine

Once Intent Engine is up and running, we want to make sure it continues producing outstanding results. Through on-going optimization and tunning, we continue getting better and better results and respond to changes in your market and in the digital landscape.

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