Junk Removal Business Doubles in 4 months

The Challenge

Jennifer has been the owner of Clutter Trucker, a junk removal business in Denver CO for 11 years.. and last year has been the most challenging year for her business.

While the business was thriving and hitting record months mid year, Jennifer decided to enhance the website and give it an upgrade. Things did not go as planned, and by year end the business was dangeriously slow..

“I decided to enahcne the website last year, and I didn’t do much due dilligence prior, and that left me working with an agency that didn’t know much about my business. The quality of their work was low, and the relationship I had with them wasn’t going very well. When I met David from LahavMedia my business was facing a disaster. Financially the business was failing, and mentally I was stressed out and went through very hard times.”

Jennifer - Clutter Trucker

The Solution

We started by diving into the business, so we can understand exactly how it works and begin working on a strategy to turn things around.

Since Jennifer shared with us that only a few months ago the business was doing better than ever, and now after they launched a new website the business tanked, we focused on a deep dive into the website, SEO and Adwords.

The deep dive has been even more of a challenge, as Clutter Trucker switched 2 different agencies in just the last 4 months.

So all of the accounts, analytics, and campaigns were scattered.

Our premise was the following: “Let’s focus on the period when things worked well, and identify the changes and issues that caused the downturn. We will create a plan of action to fix them as soon as possible”.

The main reason for the slow down have been:

1. The migration of the website from the old to the new has not been done properly. The result was a severe drop in SEO rankings. There were also multiple opportunities to further optimize the website for SEO.

2. Since the website and Adwords accounts have passed through many different hands and variations, we decided to trace things back to when the business experienced the best results, and help transfer best performing campaigns and strategies to the new website.

3. Proper analytics was not set up in place. So we worked with the Clutter Trucker team to understand their funnels top to bottom. How many calls are coming in, how many closed jobs , and what channels are responsible for what jobs. This way we can evaluate the ROI of campaigns, and use data driven optimization. We installed proper analytics and tracking to be able to track all incoming calls and their source.

After creating the battle plan, we moved fast and managed to execute most of the changes in less than a month.

Before and after pictures

As we predicted, implementing our battle plan lead to some quick results. We started seeing the results in month 1, and after 4 months we saw a more than doubled increase in revenue.


Increase In Revenue


Cost Per Leads Adwords Campaigns

#1 Page

Google Rankings From Page #3

Do you want to generate quality new clients fast?

“I think the main reason I recommend LahavMedia, is if YOU ARE READY to GROW YOUR BUSINESS. The LahavMedia team doesn’t just help sustain and make small changes..the team is built for growth and expansion. They Understand and Expand Your Business. having LahavMedia going deeper and creating a plan for you is the way to go.”

Jennifer - Clutter Trucker

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