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How can I select the right SEO agency?

Many service-providers, in every industry, claim to be the very best at what they do. You can make an informed choice by basing your selection on proven results. Ask questions. Find out what your prospective agency has to say about how they plan to improve your rankings, what their strategies are, and how they work.

Ask for references and ask to see some sample monthly reports. Check the reports for readability, clarity, and comprehensiveness. Assess the agency's communication skills, responsiveness, and customer attentiveness by looking closely at how they handle your inquiries.

How long does effective SEO usually take?

There are multiple factors that affect how quickly you'll see results, primarily how deep your competition is, how much you wish to invest in your SEO strategies, and where you are currently positioned in the mix.

And even when you get the results you want, it's an ongoing process that means you have to keep fighting the battle, to some extent anyway, to remain ahead of your competition because they're trying to stay on top of the results pages as well. Great SEO is a long-term effort that pays excellent dividends.

Are your prices the lowest?

No, and we don't claim to be. Too many agencies boast about delivering their services for the lowest possible price. What do you usually get? Non-transparent services and strategies that only work some of the time, if at all.

When your company's long-term survival and success is at stake, does it really make sense to hunt down the lowest-cost provider of any services you want? Instead, we deliver cost-effective, conscientious results that offer a solid ROI for your company's budget.

Does your agency offer local, U.S.-based services?

Yes, we have teams in place all over the world so that we can handle requests from clients in any nation, on any continent. But that also means we focus on local markets, especially in the U.S. Our SEO professionals are set up to work on city, state, regional, national, and international projects, depending on what you need and want. The internet, and the reach of mobile devices especially, know no boundaries.

What should you ask a technical SEO agency?

Ask many questions, in no particular order. For instance, inquire about case studies and look at them closely, find out how the agency's internal training system operates, learn what specific SEO tools the company uses, ask about a reasonable time-frame for seeing results, find out whether the agency has ever worked with companies like yours and what sorts of challenges they faced when they did, how the teams intend to boost your ranking, what types of SEO tools they prefer to use for clients like you, what categories of metrics they use as go-to ways for measuring objective results, and more.