We Practice What We Preach.

After creating and subsequently scaling several service companies, David Lahav founded Lahav Media.

Initially created to grow his own acquisitions, he came up with a highly effective system, based on technical SEO, which is also available to our clients.

The Denver-based firm used precision-focused digital marketing techniques from the start, but soon realised that there was a need for an agency that could prioritise growth and results for others.

From that point onward, Lahav Media's team of acquisitions growth specialists has assisted hundreds of investors increase their acquisitions. Using technical SEO to grow each entity, we do the same thing for our clients that we do for our own companies.

Our expertise is based on the fact that, like our clients, we too are business owners. That means we know, first-hand, how to use technical SEO tools to get real-world results.In other words, we practice what we preach.

From the home base in Denver, Lahav Media works with clients all over the world using a technical SEO approach to foster growth and gain market share for our customers.

Meet Our SEO Experts Team

Our crew of experienced pros covers all the bases, from ads and social media, to SEO analysis, lead development, brand copywriting, and project management, they do it all and constantly add to their skill sets with specialized trainings, continuing education courses, and high-level seminars for career professionals. It's our team that makes us what we are, and makes our clients return for additional services as their companies grow. The team's "Best Technical SEO" awards in 2019 and 2020 are well-deserved and speak to the broad knowledge base they bring to every project they do and every customer they assist.

Lead Developer
Junior Developer
UX Design
SEO Analyst
SEO Junior
Ads Manager
Brand CopyWriter
Social Media Expert

What is a technical SEO?

Technical SEO is a powerful technique that optimizes all technical components of a website so that search engines are better able to find it. This style of SEO is the single most effective way of boosting a site's organic ranking.

Why is technical SEO so important?

Technical SEO accomplishes two crucial tasks: it not only helps raise the organic ranking of a website in search engine results, it also makes any site easier to use, faster to load, and generally more user-friendly for every visitor. When it's done right by qualified experts, technical SEO not only has the potential to bring more visitors and deliver better search rankings, it also keeps visitors on the site longer and makes their experience a more pleasant one. That translates into long-term customer loyalty and a more robust profit margin.

Does Lahav Media do SEO audits?

Yes, we do SEO audits as a matter of course whenever we take on a new client. One reason Lahav Media does so is to get an initial feel for how well the site is currently ranking in SERP's (search engine results pages). Our comprehensive audits can uncover any aspect or component of a website that is holding back its potential performance. Further, our in-depth audits show us what parts of a client's website need to improve or completely fixed in order to raise the ranking and make it easier to find.