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How "The Outdoor Appliance Store" Grew Sales by 108% in 9 months

The Challenge

"The Outdoor Appliance Store" is an Online Outdoor Kitchen & Grill company. They started the company as an extension to an Outdoor Kitchen Installation company & showroom in Napels FL.

They figured (rightfully) that they could expand their in person operation into online sales.

After operating for a few years, they were growing and proved to themselves it was a viable business. Now it was time to take it to the next level.

With eCommerce (and business in general) what gets you to $1,000,000/yr will not get you to the next level of multiple 7 figures.

What the company needed was a solid strategy and plan to continue the triple digit growth they’ve been experiencing.

“LahavMedia helped us grow our revenue by 108% in 9 months, our traffic has doubled and our conversion rate incread by 38%”

Nick - The Outdoor Appliance Store

The Solution

First, we started by going through a Branding & Strategy process for the company.

Like many eCommerce businesses, the company was started from an opportunistic point of view (we have access to these products, let sell them online), versus a strategic view.

We needed to know WHY OAS (Outdoor Appliance Store) was successful, and double down on what is working.

How was OAS special in the industry?
What advantages did they have over the competition?
Why did their clients choose them over the competition?
What was working well for the market leaders?

Together with the company, we went through financial data, analytics, customer demographics, qualitative & quantitative analysis of strengths and weakness (S.W.O.T) and a thorough competitor analysis.

At the end, we had a clear brand and eCommerce strategy, translated into a yearly plan we could now execute on.

The main parts of execution were:

1) Focusing the brand on the company’s unique strengths:
Highly knowledgeable staff who are experts in Outdoor Grills & Kitchens, and the human element (Talk to a real expert who is only one phone call away).

2) Digital focus —> Most competitors are Brick & Mortar companies with a website. OAS Goal is to be an Online company with a B&M showroom. Focus on providing the best digital buying experience online in the industry.

Conversion Optimization – with the new branding and strategy at hand, we now had the opportunity to significantly boost conversions by showcasing the company’s strengths, and strategically building a best practice eCommerce shop.

Digital Campaigns– we learned that there was a significant opportunity to grow revenue through digital campaigns.

3) Analytics – for any serious conversion optimization and campaign driven strategies to work, we need to have end to end analytics working properly. Otherwise, we would not be able to tell which strategy was working, and when to double down on successful campaigns.

4) eCommerce Ecosystem Approach – online sales do not happen in vacuum. To be successful, we need to incorporate many different channels and strategies, where the customers and potential customers are able to interact with the company again and again until they are ready to make a purchase. This includes SEO, email marketing, retargeting, social media and more.

The Results

We worked together on implementation for 9 months..and not everything was smooth in the journey.

While our initial approach was to modify the existing website with the Conversion Optimization strategies, two months into the project we realized that this approach would not work..

There has been too much hacking done by previous developers on the website, and as the site was based on Wordpreess, the theme & framework used did not age well with the 2018-19 core changes.

We updated the client about the changes, took full responsibility for the additional work involved, and decided to do a complete overhaul and use custom design & development.

The end result was definitely worth it.

After 9 months:


Organic Traffic


Monthly Revenue


Conversion Rate

“We needed a strategy and plan to continue our triple digit growth, and Lahav Media gave us just that. We are now well set on our direction for continued growth and success. We appreciate the team’s knowledge, responsiveness and willingness to help. They are a pleasure to work with!”

Nick - The Outdoor Appliance Store

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