A Local SEO for Startups
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A rock-solid local SEO strategy strengthens your brand identity, drives potential customers right to your site, and adds digits to the bottom line.

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A New Kind of SEO Agency: World-Class and Denver-Based, With International Reach

When it comes to full-service SEO agencies, we have walked the walk by partnering with more than 200 customers in varied industries. The Lahav Media team leverages best-practices SEO techniques to boost Google-based income for startups. The solutions we implement are practical, savvy, and get the job done. We cater to the global business community from our Denver, Colorado, strategic headquarters.

Have You Ever Wondered, "Why Does My Startup Need Local SEO?"

Here's the little-known answer to that question:

Raw numbers tell much of the story. Numbers like these:
When consumers want info about local companies, 97% of them begin by conducting online searches.
And of those 97%, more than three-quarters of them will personally visit a local business within one day of doing their searches.
But most revealing: 28% of ALL local online searches end with a purchase within 24 hours.

It's pretty obvious: Local SEO strategies help future buyers find your brick-and-mortar location to make purchases. And when you optimize your site for local SEO, search engines understand your location targets and the nature of your business. That spells more of all the good stuff for you: online visibility, better rankings, more customers, and stronger sales numbers. Here's more info about the core benefits you receive when you weaponize local SEO:

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You Make an Authentic Connection With the Local Community

There's no better way to connect with your hometown's local customers. Your business can literally become the "talk of the town," a place where people go to shop and meet.

You Enjoy Much Higher Visibility in Local Online Searches

Online, your company's name is right where it needs to be, on pages where local consumers are searching. That's a win-win for location-based, brick-and-mortar merchants.

The Strategy is Cost-Effective and Specifically Targeted

It's easy to make every dollar count by tapping directly into nearby customer gathering places online. That way, you can laser-target your advertising funds for maximum impact.

Our Winning Approach to Local SEO for Startups

We prioritize SEO by fully integrating the concept and practice as a unified goal for everyone in our company. The bottom line for you is a website that, from day one, is optimized to rank and produce measurable results.

UX Design (Centered Entirely On the User's Experience)

Business owners get value from UX design that is simple to use and gets excellent conversion results. That's where the rubber meets the road.

Mobile First

Today's consumers increasingly rely on mobile-based shopping. You need a navigation-friendly site. "Mobile first" is the new path to success.

Performance at Warp Speed

Google's latest twist: giving preferential rank to fast-loading websites. More than ever before, performance matters for businesses that want to compete and thrive.

Benefits Lahav Media

A Data-Based SEO Strategy

You don't need guesswork or maybes. That's why our team is all-in for evidence-based strategies. You get choices backed by verifiable data.

Cutting-Edge SEO Services

There's no time for yesterday's SEO tactics. You get a support team that wields cutting-edge, state-of-the-art SEO tools for powerful results.

Clear, Easy-to-Understand Reports

You get SEO plans that are jargon-free and evidence-based. We translate the raw data so you can aim for long-term success with assured confidence.

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Junk Removal Company DOUBLES Their Revenue In Only 4 Months in Denver

Increase In Revenue (2X)
Cost per lead down by 50%
Page #1 Google ranking for target keywords from page 3

If you are ready to grow your business, then you should start working with Lahav Media.

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How Long Does SEO Take To Work?

While there's no rigid timeline, 6–12 months is a pretty common parameter for getting measurable results. SEO for startup business organizations relies on several factors, and typical SEO campaigns don't generate instant results the same way PPC advertising can. Search engine optimization is a long game, not a short one.

In reality, competition and algorithms change constantly, which makes targeted predictions a fool's game. Instead, the smart money is on long-term strategies, particularly as they pertain to local SEO for startups.

Do Startups Need SEO?

SEO for a startup business is a must-have piece of the long-term success puzzle. Local SEO for startups addresses several core tasks simultaneously: building a credible brand, generating organic traffic, and establishing search engine visibility.

Even owners who are grappling with limited budgets get a cost-effective way to compete with bigger competitors when they leverage the power of SEO for smart growth. Think of SEO as a way to jump-start the longer efforts of building brand identity and online visibility. For scalable, long-term results, there's no substitute for SEO.

What Is Local SEO?

In short, local SEO, especially local SEO for startups, caters to the needs of small enterprises that maintain a physical location that serves a particular geographic area. For example, startup SEO helps potential customers find your address by optimizing your website so that search engines know your target locations and understand your business.

The first steps of that process entail gaining more online visibility and higher search engine rankings. A few of the components of local and startup SEO are: creating excellent local-oriented content, writing a Google Business Profile (GBP), getting high-quality reviews, building local links, adding your business to Google Maps, building citations, getting your website into the top local directories, and more.

Do you offer local SEO services in the USA?

Yes, we do. In fact, because Lahav Media is an SEO-oriented agency, we have the expertise to deliver a vast menu of services to our customers. As noted above, all our team members coordinate their efforts to strive for a single goal: building websites that are geared to meet your needs. Whether that means enhancing traffic, generating leads, or bolstering brand awareness, you reap all the benefits.