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Katrin Krakovich

How to Get Started: Targeted Ideas Research

There is a big difference in content marketing for local businesses, international and national companies. Since big companies have a lot of participating employees and bigger marketing budgets, they can easily afford to create as much content as they want or need. Smaller companies have to figure out how to get more out of less.

If you are running a marketing program for a local company, you probably want to create a few pieces a month and get the best results possible on a consistent basis. To be clear, it is possible. You just need to learn how to effectively target and attract the “right” clients/customers/users to your site with the high converting content.

The main focus of the content creation process for local businesses should be to identify all of the possible wants/needs of the target client. You should be asking yourself the question, "what kind of problems does this my target customer have that would make them interested in our services?' Then, you need to create a map that goes from the problem to the solution. That should include providing the steps your prospective customers will have to take to choose and get your products or services.

We are going to speak about 3 types of user problems you might encounter when creating targeted content:

  • Awareness
  • Considerations
  • Decision Making

Type #1: Awareness

This refers to dealing with prospective customers who are aware they have an issue, but they have several ways they can solve it. You recognize that calling your company isn’t the first solution on their list, and that is something you want to change. The best way to do that is to make them aware that your company has the right solution.

Here is an example of how this would work for a local air conditioning company:

Let’s assume that one of our clients is working in the air conditioning industry. They do consultations, sell air conditioners, and install them in local residences. Clearly, this is an amazing example of something that can only be handled by a local company.

The issue that our client has is targeting prospective customers who think “It is too hot in my house” but they might not be looking for a specific solution. For certain, they are not looking to buy a new air condition unit from our client.

Content Idea for our client:

They can create a blog post titled “X ways to fight the heat,” featuring homemade solutions for staying cool and fresh. That might include solutions like opening a window, drinking fresh lemonade, taking a cold shower, and buying a new air conditioner.

Let’s look at another example regarding one of our clients that provides cleaning services:

The issue our client has is finding customers who are thinking, “My office is not clean enough.” While thinking this, these business owners might believe they have a limited number of ways to deal with this issue. They can speak with the cleaning person and disclose their dissatisfaction, maybe even dismiss them. Or, they can point out at a team meeting that each employee needs to take better care of their working space. The problem for our client is these owners are aware they have a problem but may not have considered calling a professional cleaning company.

Content Ideas for our client:

They can create a blog like “10 tips on how to keep your office clean” or “Office cleaning checklist from the professionals”. The blog can offer step-by-step guidelines on how to keep the office space clean with the last step being a call to a professional cleaning company.

Here is an example of a surrogate agency that has a lot of intended parents but few surrogates.

The main goal for our clients is to find as many surrogates as they can. They are faced with a dilemma because their surrogacy requirements are so high that only 1 out of 10 applicants will get approval.

Maybe, their biggest issue is targeting prospective surrogates who “don’t know the difference between traditional and gestational surrogacy.” These could be women

who are aware of surrogacy but are only interested in gathering information. Whether she wants to become a surrogate is not yer apparent.

Content Idea for Our Client:

They can create a very informative article explaining the differences between traditional and gestational surrogacy, and the benefits of each one.


As you can see, awareness-driven content is more likely to come across as genuine without being too salesy or educational. If your goal is to inform people, that's the best way to do it. It offers some immediate value to the reader and stands as something that can be used to generate backlinks.


On the other side, this content is often sterile and generic, which rarely turns into conversions for the business. In general, an "Awareness" article isn't a great choice for a local business.

Type #2: Consideration

This refers to the person who considers that they need a product or service but spends a lot of time looking, analyzing, and comparing.

Coming back to an air conditioner client example:

The issue our client might have is targeting prospective customers who are having difficulty deciding “Which size of air conditioner do I need to get for my bedroom?” This person is considering buying a new air conditioner but he is still looking and comparing because they have yet been inspired to buy.

Content Ideas for Our Client:

Develop an online marketing piece related to topics like “How to choose the right size of an air conditioner?”, “Is it better to get a larger air conditioner?” or “Why is the size of the air conditioner important?”

Using the cleaning service scenario:

Our client might want to target customers who have “Never used a cleaning company before and want to know prices.” These will be business owners who are probably going to check and compare prices, jumping from one company to another while not making any concrete decisions.

Content Ideas for Our Client:

The topic ideas of a blog post might want to focus on “What are the best prices for cleaning services in Colorado?” or even a generic piece that simply discusses general prices in a general area.

Back on topics related to surrogacy:

Our client might want to target prospective surrogate mothers who are thinking "I don’t know why I have to work with a surrogacy center if I can be an independent surrogate?” These women are considering surrogacy but are not sure if they want to do it through an agency or try to independently find intended parents.

Content Ideas for Our Client:

Their marketing focus could be directed towards topics like “Why do I need a surrogate agency?”, “Benefits of working with surrogate agency” or maybe even some real-life stories of women who have tried both ways, independent surrogacy and with an agency, and show a comparison of the PROs and CONs of each experience.


This type of content helps people make choices. You can show your company's expertise and add some information about your products/services as an example. You can also give pricing on your company's products/services. That might include testimonials from the people who “liked” your services and prices. "Consideration” articles tend to do well for a local business.


This type of content can attract the right audience but doesn't ensure that a prospective customer is going to choose your products/services over those of a competitor. They may check a hundred different blogs before actually making a decision. The only way to overcome this issue is to present marketing content that is unique and will generate curiosity.

Type #3: Decision

This refers to the people who know exactly want they want or need and just need to know where to get it. These are the easiest clients to convert if you can find them with your marketing content.

Using the air conditioner scenario once again:

Our client wants to target individuals who are well aware of the fact their “air conditioner is broken” and are prepared to take steps to rectify the problem. One possible challenge is convincing them that buying a new air conditioner is a better idea than trying to repair the old one.

Content Ideas for Our Clients:

The marketing information or blog might want to focus on topics like “How Long Does an A/C Installation Take?” for clients who need heat relief fast. It is possible prospective customers will be checking service pages, looking for information about “Air conditioner replacement” or “The cost air conditioner replacement” in his area. For the prospective customer who is looking for an affordable solution, your content could focus on things like “The best budget air conditioner”

Here is how this type of content might fit for a cleaning company:

Our client might want to locate prospective customers who know “I need a deep cleaning for my office every month.” In this case, our client should present marketing content that's direct and easy to decipher. These are going to be people who need a cleaning service sooner rather than later.

Content Ideas for Our Clients:

The topic ideas for blogs could be things like “Weekly/monthly Commercial cleaning services for the busy owners”. Or maybe the business owner will be looking for content like “The best office cleaning company in Colorado“. Or even a service page about deep cleaning.

Back on the surrogacy topic:

Our client might need content that targets very specific questions a prospective client might have about surrogacy. These are women that have decided to go forward but need specific information about some aspect of the process. They might want to know things like “Can I become a surrogate at 33?” You already know a woman asking this kind of question is a good candidate and don't want to let her slip through the cracks.

Content Ideas for Our Client:

The client can start with more generic content creations like “What are the requirements to become a surrogate mum?” They can also choose to get very specific with blogs like “Age requirements for surrogate” or “Can I become a surrogate after 30?”


This is the best content type for a local business! It works well to drive customers who are ready to make a decision to your site. If you have what they want or need, they will be easy to convert.


This type of content is very targeted but has typically a low search volume. Aka not much traffic coming to those pages. This content is usually not performing well when used for link-building campaigns.

The Last Step - Break Down Your Ideas into Details

When you find the want/need point of a prospective customer who needs your products or services, you can easily find ways to break your  marketing content down into a few smaller topics.

Getting back to the air conditioning company:

Your prospective customers have taken a lot of steps to get ready to buy an aircon. They checked which sizes they need, pricing, and which air con is the most energy-efficient. They might already know they want a Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner.

You have found the want/need point. These customers have made a choice and simply need a company in the area that can sell it and install it for them, right?

Here is how you can break down content under this scenario into detailed info. You can write very specific information on Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners: specific models, prices, how fast we can install them for example or which warranty they are going to have, which model is the best for the small room or bigger one, which is the best budget model of Mitsubishi Electric or reviews for this brand.

You need to understand that each type of content has to be goal-driven. You need to focus on creating high converting content that will ultimately lead to fast conversations of prospective customers into paying customers.

A lot of business owners make the mistake of thinking from the position of being a business owner. They would likely be more successful if they were to learn how to put themselves in the shoes of prospective customers.

You need to approach content creation from the perspective of the “prospective customer”. Ask questions like "What are they looking for?" or "Do they understand the terminology or is it better to use easier/generic terms?" The goal is to provide easy-to-understand answers to all the questions your prospective customers might have.

After creating your content and posting it online, you should go view it as an outsider. Would that content inspire you to become a customer? Why yes or why not?

Ok, we have discussed a lot of topic ideas that could convert our visitors into customers, but what is next?

Katrin Krakovich

Katrin is SEO manager in Lahav Media. She has a passion for knowing what goes into successful local SEO. She wants to share her knowledge to people who wants to get into SEO with the right fit.